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Who hasnt experienced this: you look forward to a massage, but its so cold that the feeling of wellbeing rapidly dissipates. With WARMup, youll never have this problem. The fascinating effect of the high-quality recipe is felt immediately and most pleasurably. The various fragrances will also put you in the mood for giving free reign to your imagination. In addition, WARMup also lets you know unmistakeably what is to come.

WARMup the high-quality massage oil that gets you warm for hot nights of passion!

The many advantages of WARMup:

  •  pure massage pleasure for both partners  
  •  velvety-soft skin feel
  •  highly effective, with a little going a long way       
  •  dermatologically and clinically tested
  •  subject to constant quality control  
Weight 215 g
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 150 mm

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