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Fruity Love Massage Oil is the perfect balance between soft, long-lasting lubrication and delicate friction that does not overload the muscles. The result is a slow, sensual and relaxing massage.

The luxurious massage oil base is an innovative professional formula that includes several exclusive plant oils such as Jojoba, Macadamia Nut and Hemp Seed Oil. Pure Silicone guarantees long-lasting lubrication and a silky skin sensation. Other ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E improve its ability to nourish the skin.

The massage oil base is then enriched with a blend of Pure Essential oils, many of which are known for their aphrodisiac and other effects that exert different positive influences on the human body and soul.

In addition, the formula has a higher viscosity than conventional massage oils, which makes it easier to handle and promotes a slower massage that requires less muscle strength.

  • Grapefruit and mango aroma
  • Pleasant warming effect
  • The Controlled Dosage Applicator ensures safe, grease-free liquid handling.
  • With Aloe vera and vitamin E
  • ?High performance massage oil
  • 120 ml container.
Weight 186 g
Dimensions 45 × 165 × 45 mm

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