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Voluptas is a refined and delicious stimulating gel with a captivating and sensual flavour that combines moisturising action with the regenerative and softening properties of natural extracts of exquisite aromatic essences.

Delicious and provocative, it is perfect for those moments when you want alternative intimate flavours. This gel will tantalise your fantasies and add a touch of flavour during your most intimate encounters.

Also suitable for use as an intimate edible stimulating gel, its active properties guide you and your partner towards intense experiences. This warming effect gel is safe for use with latex objects and devices, and its formula guarantees total condom compatibility.

  • Flavour: Strawberry 
  • Latex compatible
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100 ml 

Edible massage gel Passion has never tasted this good

  • Edible massage gels are specially formulated delectable gels for sensual massages. Their specific formulation means that they slide softly over the skin without causing stickiness while maintaining all the sweetness of natural extracts to guarantee maximum flavour.

Warming effect Stimulating and aphrodisiac

  • The gel’s warming effect envelops the entire body during the massage, stimulating intense sexual desire. A warm and enveloping sensation provides unprecedented moments of pleasure during massage, stimulating every couple’s wildest fantasies.

Sensual aromas For intense flavour

  • Thanks to the sensual scents contained in these gels, an intense vortex of flavours heightens the pleasure aroused during massage. Fruity flavours like strawberry or cherry, or more aphrodisiac flavours such as chocolate and vanilla, create an irresistibly delicious massage.

Condom compatible Safe for use with latex

  • Thanks to its special formula, these edible massage gels are also suitable for use as flavoured warming-effect lubricants. Their delicate formulate means that they are condom compatible, helping to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases due to unprotected sex.
Weight 152 g
Dimensions 32 × 55 × 125 mm

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