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Try the kit of five Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oils with this travel kit.

Includes five small massage oils in a zippered box. TSA approved sizes are perfect for travel. Made with naturally derived oils, these rich, emollient formulas make it a pleasure to give or receive a romantic full-body massage, wherever you go.

  • Made with naturally derived and skin-nourishing oils
  • Ultra-hydrating and silky-smooth Vitamin E for the perfect full-body massage
  • Travel size and TSA approved
  • 60ml (59ml)
  • Includes:
    • STRAWBERRY DREAMS The fragrance of sweet, juicy and ripe strawberries.
    • TROPICAL MANGO A sweet blend of tropical fruits with strong notes of mango and a hint of peach.
    • COCONUT PINEAPPLE Tasty coconut cream with a touch of juicy pineapple.
    • SANDALWOOD VANILLA Creamy vanilla with exotic sandalwood.
    • PASSION ISLAND BERRY Delicious passion fruit, succulent papaya and juicy berry with a touch of mango.
Weight 414 g
Dimensions 40 × 190 × 135 mm

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