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Collectible erotic set consisting of an elegant riding crop, 3 bodysensual products and a set of 12 kamasutra cards, 10 of which are position cards and the other two with tips and tricks on how to apply this set to the kamasutra.


  • riding crop with strap
  • Vanilla massage oil candle
  • 12 Kamasutra Cards to enjoy hours of eroticism with your partner (illustrated in English)
  • Cold effect kissable balm
  • Water based lubricant 30 ml

Perfect for:

  • Those who have always wanted to try something newer in bed but weren’t sure how to do it.
  • Couples who would like to experience Bondage games
  • Couples who learn how to do different sexual positions

Collect these four limited editions!

Weight 245 g
Dimensions 40 × 110 × 400 mm

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