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INTT Massage Gel Vegan Coconut is a massage gel with a sweet coconut flavor and aroma that adds a pleasant warming effect.

Designed to massage the most sensitive areas of the body such as the vulva, nipples, glans, clitoris or anal entrance, providing extra sensations thanks to the very light and pleasant heat effect. An ideal kissable gel for the practice of oral sex with a different touch, thus opening up a wide range of possibilities for very appetizing intimate games. It is also a gel totally suitable for penetration and its way of use is to apply the desired amount in the area to be stimulated and massage gently.

It is a totally vegan product and comes in a small and practical 30 ml container.

Main features:

  • Massage gel.
  • Adds coconut aroma and flavor.
  • With a slight heat effect.
  • Ideal for oral sex.
  • Intensifies the sensations.
  • kissable.
  • It provides great game possibilities.
  • Apply the desired amount on the area to be stimulated.
  • vegan.
  • 30 ml bottle.
Weight 86 g
Dimensions 111 × 36 × 36 mm

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