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The widest and most exclusive selection of pocket-sized single doses on the market. For occasional relationships, for beginners to sensual massage and for those who consider it essential on their getaways… Ideal for easily exploring and trying the best specialties.

  • Pocket Hot Oil Strawberry, Single Dose 10 ml
  • Pocket Hot Oil Extra Fresh Mango, Single Dose 10 ml
  • Pocket Feromon Hot Oil Lollipop, Single dose 10 ml
  • Pocket Stimulans “Plaisir pour Elle”, Single dose 10 ml
  • Pocket Stimulans “Climax Man”, Single dose 10 ml
  • Pocket Chocolate Paint Cream + Pinzel, Single dose 10 ml
Weight 95 g
Dimensions 65 × 170 × 65 mm

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