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Specially designed for Women.

This exquisitely designed next-generation gel, applied like a Fire-Ice caress with your fingertips, exalts the power of feminine sensual energy and the goddess that every woman carries within.

To be applied by gently massaging the external erogenous zones, its special Oil-free texture allows it to be absorbed quickly without leaving a trace or staining.

  • Latex compatible.
  • Powerful stimulator.

Formulated according to Community regulations.

Airless precision dispenser in a beautiful metal case with an exclusive Extase Sensuel design.

30 ml container.

Extase Sensual is perfect for your intimate moments, the delicate manufacturing processes and strict quality controls make Extase Sensuel one of the perfect companions for intimate and sensual relationships.

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 150 mm

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