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Extase sensual hot oil is a stimulating massage oil for men or women and a great heat effect.

Increase the sensations of your erogenous zones by applying the Extase Sensue HEAT gel

The oil with a heat effect is ideal for intimate moments where passion merges with madness, kiss in the erogenous zones and massage, you will enhance the effects in addition to savoring it, maximizing the pleasure in the erogenous zones.

Its main qualities are;

  • Latex compatible gel
  • Intense flavor
  • unisex
  • Stimulating erogenous zones.

Cosmetic product for external use.

Airless precision dispensers that allow their contents to be preserved.

30 ml container.

Extase Sensual is perfect for your intimate moments, the delicate manufacturing processes and strict quality controls make Extase Sensuel one of the perfect companions for intimate and sensual relationships.

Weight 79 g
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 120 mm

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