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CR 4706 cabaret style stockings with large eyelets are a unique piece that evokes the sensuality and charm of classic cabaret. Designed to capture attention and add a touch of drama to any outfit, these tights are a perfect choice for those who want to stand out with style and elegance.

The distinctive element of these stockings are the large eyelets that run along their entire length, creating a striking and provocative visual effect. These eyelets not only add a touch of boldness to the design, but also allow the skin to peek through them, adding a touch of seduction that does not go unnoticed. In addition to their striking design, these tights are made with high-quality materials that offer a comfortable and flattering fit. Its soft fabric adapts to the legs, enhancing its shape and providing a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Cabaret style stockings with large eyelets are an essential piece for those who want to add a touch of sensuality and glamor to their wardrobe. With their bold design and timeless elegance, these tights are a perfect choice for those who want to stand out in style on any occasion.


  • Cabaret tights with large eyelets
  • Available in S/M


The CHILROSE brand was created in 2008 and our mission is to offer sensual and exciting lingerie to our customers at a competitive price. Now in 2022, after 14 years, we are one of the leading exotic lingerie company and we have a large collection of sleepwear, dresses, robes, corsets, dresses, clothing clubbing and more. Our strict quality control guarantees our customers full satisfaction and makes selling a pleasure. We take special care in the selection of our materials and workmanship. We offer many fantastic new styles regularly and hope to positively surprise you every time.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 190 × 130 × 20 mm




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