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Bijoux presents SLOW SEX, a line of erotic cosmetics that promotes real pleasure, from the first caress to the last moan. In a world where what we touch most are our mobile screens and life escapes between rush and stress, SLOW SEX is an invitation to enjoy good sex, concentrating on what really matters: pleasure.

SLOW SEX puts aside prejudices to discover new pleasures: playing and savoring those precious moments without preconceptions.

It combines natural ingredients with patented formulas and also saves the planet by having sex! since SLOW SEX containers are made with aluminum, glass, paper and a small amount of recyclable plastic.

They also have a delicious coconut aroma and a perfect size so you can travel without having to check-in.

Massage oil with heat effect:

  • Glycerin base
  • Heat effect
  • Kissable
  • Coconut aroma
  • 50ml

Raise the temperature of your massages with this coconut-scented heat effect oil. Apply it to the skin and massage. Blow gently to intensify its heat effect, finish the massage with kisses.

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 125 mm

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