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Our incense sticks with pheromonesTahitian Sunset, with a soft floral aroma with a touch of saffron, will set the mood and intensify your excitement in your most intense moments. intimate. 

When burned, the aroma will give it It will taste your tender intimate moment and turn it into love. in an irresistible explosion of excitement and mutual passion. The pheromone will stimulate mentally your desire for pleasure for yourself and your partner.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of sensuality with our incenses enriched with pheromones, an aromatic experience that goes beyond beauty. of fragrance to awaken attraction and connection. These incenses are much more than just fragrances; They are an invitation to a world of passion, enriched with the subtle power of pheromones, destined to intensify the attraction between you and your partner. and your partner.

Each incense stick is infused with an exquisite blend of carefully selected essential oils, creating an olfactory symphony that captivates the senses. The seductive notes are intertwined with warm and enveloping touches, providing a unique aromatic experience that transports you to a state of relaxation and sensuality.

The addition of pheromones to this aromatic blend adds an intriguing and mysterious element. Pheromones, natural chemical essences that influence sexual behavior, combine with fragrance to create an intimate environment that stimulates attraction and strengthens the connection between couples. The subtle but powerful presence of pheromones in incense smoke adds an intriguing touch to the atmosphere, awakening desire and generating a feeling of complicity and magnetism.

Lighting one of these pheromone incenses is more than just adding a pleasant fragrance to your space; is to create an immersive environment that invites romance and deep connection. Whether for a romantic evening, an intimate moment or simply to relax after a hectic day, these pheromone incenses will provide you with a unique and exciting sensory experience.


Weight 28 g
Dimensions 298 × 54 × 10 mm

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